It was a collective of theatre actors in a windswept town on the Sahara's southern edge who first picked up a camcorder to make a movie. Rainy season rains hit the dried riverbed and, as the river grew, so did the energy of a community whose fascination rested in the power of the moving image to tell its stories, our stories.

Bentley Brown wrote and directed Faisal Goes West (Best in Show, Texas Independent Film Festival 2013) and produced Le Pèlerin de Camp Nou (International Film Festival Rotterdam 2010). He was a special guest of the Berlin International Film Festival in 2014 as a Berlinale Talent and has led filmmaking workshops in Chad, Libya, and the US.

Alyaa Sirelkhatim is a cinematographer and director with a portfolio of films from Sudan, the UK, and the US, that have been recognized at several international festivals.

Justin Banta is the founder of non-profit community arts organization Refugee Writers. Prior to completing a Masters in Divinity at Princeton University, he researched national education policy at the Center for Public Justice and served as a consultant on a regional orphanage policy project in Kampala, Uganda.

Abakar Chene Massar is a playwright, actor, and filmmaker whose screenplay and performance in Le Pèlerin de Camp Nou garnered a Best Digital Film (Mention d'Honneur) award at the 2009 Vues d'Afrique Film Festival in Montreal. Before directing his three feature films, Abakar served as president of the Youth Association for Ati Development (AJDA) and the Ati Theatre Troupe in Ati, Chad.